About me

So who am I? Oh just a 30-something Londoner who loves reading and buying books. My happiest moments are spent in bookshops buying/browsing books and sitting in parks or on the couch reading those said books. Honestly I can´t think of anything better to do.

Reading is a form of escapism for me. Not that I have a horrible life or anything like that, I just prefer being transported to another world. There is so much to see in those worlds and so much to learn. Every moment not spent reading is a moment wasted. I´ll be in a pub or restaurant having the most amazing time with friends but in the back of my head I´ll be thinking about the book I´m reading or planning to read. The minute I open a book, I´m gone. I feel liberated in a way.

On a weekend you´ll always find me doing my weekly book pilgrimage. Wake up early, go to the public library and take out some books. Having a nice coffee and then off I go to my favourite secondhand bookshops (I prefer buying secondhand) buying some more books.

I read practically everything but prefer literary fiction/speculative fiction/dystopian fiction over the rest. I prefer paperbacks over e-books but read both (audiobooks are a big no-no as they make me fall asleep)

I promised myself awhile ago to have a fair reading policy. What is a fair reading policy? Well, it´s not favoring male authors over female authors (and the other way round) and white authors over authors of colour. So I try to keep the balance (50/50 male/female and 50/50 white/POC). I don´t only do this because I believe in equality, I also do it because the more worlds I see the better I get to understand the one I´m living in.

This blog will help me to understand what I´m reading and most importantly to remember what I´m reading. I often forget what I just read and have to read it (or skim read it) again and again. By writing my thoughts down I hope to remedy this.

I´m on Goodreads (see the sidebar) and I´ll be using the same star system as there when reviewing the books I´ve read. Using something different will probably end up with me being confused af.